Fanatec GT World: A look ahead to the 2023 season!


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After an exceptional 2022 season taking home four titles in the Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe and a splendid victory at the 24 Hours of Spa, Akkodis ASP Team is actively preparing to launch into the 2023 adventure. Five Mercedes-AMG GT3 are entered for the whole season, two in the Endurance Cup and two in the Sprint cup. Two high flying crews in Endurance with the reigning champions Raffaele MARCIELLO and Jules GOUNON, along with Timur BOGUSLAVSKIY in the #88, and Thomas DROUET, Maximilian GÖTZ and Lorenzo FERRARI in the #87. For the Sprint events, still in the #88, Lello MARCIELLO will join up with Timur BOGUSLAVSKIY (PRO category). Eric DEBARD will team up for the first time with Jim PLA (#87) in the Bronze Cup. Although the tracks on the calendars are identical to the previous years, there is a notable change for the 24 Hours of Spa, which will be held on the 1st and 2nd of July.

Undeniably, the 2022 Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe smiled on Akkodis ASP Team. By taking home the drivers and teams Endurance Cup titles (for the first time), the overall Team (Sprint+Endurance) title, and the overall Drivers title for Raffaele Marciello, it was a good harvest.

A few weeks before the start of the 2023 season, it’s all up for grabs again, but all hopes are allowed given the level of the crews involved.

The goal: do just as well in Endurance Cup as in 2022!

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Raffaele MARCIELLO - Timur BOGUSLAVSKIY - Jules GOUNON (#88) - PRO

The reigning champions Lello Marciello and Jules Gounon will be on track once again, joining a Team regular, Timur Boguslavskiy (overall champion in 2020). The alchemy of this group could make for a fearsome combination. Top speed, experience and a strategic approach of the race, all the necessary ingredients are gathered to head into battle.

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Thomas DROUET - Maximilian GÖTZ - Lorenzo FERRARI (#87) - PRO

The second Mercedes-AMG GT3 to line up in Endurance will be for Thomas Drouet, Maximilian Götz and Lorenzo Ferrari (Italian GT Champion in 2021, Sprint and Endurance). It’s a new trio but each of them has a strong track record. Thomas Drouet, originator of a strong increase in power, associated with the experience and speed of Maximilian Götz, without forgetting the excellent driving of the young Lorenzo Ferrari, this crew could create a nice surprise.

(Re)conquering the Sprint Cup

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Once more, Timur Boguslavskiy will share the #88 with his ‘mentor’, Raffaele Marciello. The objective is clear, take home the crown. Facing a strong opposition, the consistency of the results should make the difference come the end of the season. The crew of Marciello-Boguslavskiy, 2022 vice champions, will line up for the five rounds on the calendar. Experience and teamwork should still work wonders on the most beautiful circuits in Europe.

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Eric DEBARD – Jim PLA (#87) – Bronze Cup

Put together for the first time for a full season, Eric Debard and Jim Pla are ready to take up the challenge of the Bronze Cup. Having both a perfect knowledge of the car and the tracks, they should quickly get into the game. Eric Debard, France FFSA GT 2009 champion, 2012 vice champion, and Gold Medal of the 2022 FIA Motorsport Games (With Simon Gachet), is a very experienced “gentleman”. As for Jim Pla, he’s fast, has an instinctive racing intelligence and is very consistent – he’s a sure bet for the team and a strong asset in getting the 2023 title.

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Galerie de photos de l'article
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The 2023 vintage of the Fanatec GT World will once more be very fast paced, with a relatively classic calendar. Meanwhile, one change should be highlighted. The date of the 24 Hours of Spa, has been moved to the start of July (27th June – 2nd July), due to the Grand Prix of Belgium.

Faced with ever-increasing competition, Akkodis ASP Team will defend their titles with the same determination and professionalism, animated with the same passion. See you in Monza, from the 21st to the 23rd of April.

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